Asian dating scam

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Asian dating scam

I decided to make it so clear a moron could get it. I already tried to chat with girls with their camera switched on,it was nice to see them not only in the pictures but also smiling at me and showing their emotions.I wiped all the info about me and her out and put a simple little sentence in stating just send another message showing what was in the message but not one person got it. I'm going to check again to see if anyone caught it. We also managed to exchange contacts with two girls during phonecalls.I have met and have exchanged information with my lady yes it took time and I had to follow up because she didn't understand what I was telling her but Customer Service helped us and all is fine.So before you say this is a scam or that is a scam spend your money and really try don't expect instant results they are people and if you want instant results go to other free sites and see what happens they will give you a skype address and contact information and then ask for money for rent or computer that's a scam.I am quite unsure as to why there are so many bad reviews about Asian Date.I have personally used the site for quite a long time, and have enjoyed my experience here. You will just keep paying get not lover at all mate. These arse holes use you as meal ticket and noting else and most of these scammers operate from Russian.They should understand you as the chat session uses translators then screen words so that you can never ask their email or mobile numberasian date in order to make much more money, they hold big part of us translators' salaries, the payment now we get is even not enough to support our daily life, so I am going to give up the job! i am one of translators working for asian date site, we are responsible to translate all letters and then get our payment. same pre scripted bull shit every time you talk to customer service, deny there is a problem.. Each profile is assign to a telemarketer who knows English, they write letters to clients based on basic info of the girl.

You have one chance among 1000 to find and live with a woman from this site,but this greedy company is the winner at 1000%with your money stolen,which you will never see again! First I want to say any man looking to exchange information if they are USA need to fill out the IMBRA Form and get lady to agree to exchange information.Yes the censor your chat and letters with private information you send but it is the law and for anyone to say otherwise is lying.If you would chat and get to know the lady and then do it legal you would not be out here complaining.So I noticed not one person had a clue about my question which was tell me my chest size which was right at the start of my info so very hard to miss. Trust me I gave it an honest chance and was really hoping something would come from it besides tge women in tge states have gotten really frigid and all about their big deal careers. Guys, you just have to be realistic and truthful to yourselves.Then I'd get my first name and some stupid ran together words afterwards and a bunch of ampersand symbols which means it was an (Oh what a surprise) AUTOMATED script. Dont chat with 18 year-old girls if you are too old for them and have big age difference. Look for the woman of your age and then youd have real chances to find something serious on this website. The ladies from that part of the world tend to be more respectful to their man,that`s the kind of woman I am looking for.

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