Bae yong joon and choi ji woo dating isotope dating techniques

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Bae yong joon and choi ji woo dating

what business is it of theirs whether she marries or not?personally i would never get married bc it feels like a forced construct that would never be relevant to who i am and the way i live my life.In 2004, South Korean economic research centers estimated the economic impact of the drama at 3 trillion won (.72 billion): 840 billion won in tourism, 20 billion won in sales of Bae’s photo books and 10 billion won in sales of calendars featuring him.“I hope the sequel has a positive impact on the poor relations between South Korea and Japan,” Park said.

i don't want to be in my 70s when my kids are in there early 30s.

The synopsis of the new soap series is scheduled to be out next month, and the cast and the main producer of the sequel have yet to be decided. I’ve always thought I’ll make a sequel after 10 years have passed since the first series aired, and I think now is the time for this,” Park said.

“I’m planning to have as many staff members from the first series take part in the new project as ‘Winter Sonata’ is very meaningful in many ways.” Broadcast on KBS 2TV from January to March in 2002, “Winter Sonata” was a big hit at home for its story of sad but pure love, beautiful visual images, catchy music and fresh fashion styles.

Like other people have said, marrying doesn't matter because it's just a contract anyway but for having kids I'd prefer having them before 35 or at least before 40.

Past that age is more difficult to conceive and the generational gap with the kids is too big.

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"I don't want to rush or be forced into it," she said in a recent interview with the Korean Yonhap News Agency.