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Fischer is shown to eavesdrop on inmate calls when on duty.

She took the initiative to ask Caputo if the recorded phone calls were regularly reviewed, as per protocol.

It is hinted by Fischer that she herself has committed a crime.

While talking to Piper in Blood Donut, she says "When I made bad decisions in life, I didn't get caught.

She admits insecurity over finding another job that offers benefits, saying, "I'm not good at anything," and asks if Nicky had previously been trying to hit on her.

She leaves Litchfield after this conversation and isn't heard from again. "Anyway, I just want you to know that as far as I'm concerned, you and me are the same.

Susan's father, Patrick Boyle, was a miner and WWII veteran. Susan, the youngest of eight surviving children, was deprived of oxygen at birth long enough to cause mild brain damage.

Fischer is unsure of what Nicky's proposition entails but immediately adopts a more serious tone, even calling her "Inmate," something she is rarely seen doing.Fischer invited the other CO's, either not aware of his intentions or hoping to thwart them.She later became romantically involved with Joel Luschek.(Read her profile on Fierce Pharma.) Susan sees CORE’s work as immeasurably beneficial for Merck and the health care system as a whole.“If we can understand which therapies benefit our patients the most, the impact on the health care system could be enormous,” she notes.

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She was strangled by Miss Claudette in "Fool Me Once", after trying to adopt a more no-nonsense attitude towards the inmates at precisely the wrong time, as Miss Claudette had just found out her appeal for early release had been denied.