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Is there a specific reason you are updating the BIOS?

When it comes to BIOS, I GENERALLY follow the thinking that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - if you need some new functionality of the new BIOS, that's one thing, but if you're upgrading just because there's an upgrade, at least with BIOS, I don't consider that wise.

This how-to guide will show you how you can flash/update your BIOS on GIGABYTE motherboards.

There are several ways to do this but we will show you two ways here.

The whole BIOS updating procedure should be treated with extreme caution.

If you do not encounter any system instability or bugs with the current BIOS version, we suggest that you keep it.

Reference Links: EDIT: Also remembered - there are boot CDs you can make - DOS boot CDs that can skip the floppy - I've only done it once and it worked ok.

Check out just remember, you need a DOS version of the BIOS updater for that to work) And just to clarify - 64 bit versions of Windows have ZERO support for 16 bit applications, so that 16 bit app will never run.

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GIGABYTE has a tool called @BIOS which will check their main server for the most recent version of firmware for your motherboard, download, and flash the BIOS. File Type=Utility&File ID=150 If there is a Floppy based version of the BIOS update, use that (if you have to, you may need to buy a USB based floppy drive or barrow a friend's).

Other ideas include creating a Bart PE/Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCD4WIN)/Windows PE CD and trying to install from that.

Its not so strange, since you always should try to avoid flash/update BIOS from Windows environment.

Our software that comes along with the BIOS, when you download from our homepage, needs to be execute from ”DOS” and not Windows.

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Please contact the software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available.

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