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The Wadden Sea is a large body of water that runs along the northwest border of Germany. In 1436, the All Saints’ Day Flood completely devastated the area, killing 180 people and forcing the coastal inhabitants to move to higher ground.In the Wadden Sea, there’s a narrow strip of islands called the North Frisian Islands, which are being eroded away by the tides that batter the German coast. There they set up a new settlement that became modern-day Westerland, which is now a beach.D., and after the Second Arab-Khazar War, they claimed the small port city of Atil as the capital of their empire.Known as Khamlij in Arab texts, Atil became a major stopping point along the Silk Road.On subsequent diving trips, the archaeologists found standing walls, streets paved with flagstones, and the ruins of an entire city spread across 6.5 square kilometers (2.5 sq. After carbon dating several earthenware pots, it was determined that the ruin was close to 1,750 years old.It’s believed that an entire section of the city simply broke off and slid into the lake, where it’s been preserved for all these years. Due to its location, Eidum had a tendency to take the full brunt of the North Sea, which would periodically destroy the town.However, some geographical surveys have discovered a submerged wall that runs through the area near the Llys, which might date to the sixth century.Mulifanua is a tiny village perched on the northernmost tip of Upolu, an island of Samoa.

We know this because a few hundred meters off the current coastline is the underwater settlement of Eidum. Crete is an island off the coast of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, and the ancient geography of Crete was much larger than its present-day counterpart.

While it paralleled the other Greek cities of the time in terms of industry, trading, and architecture, Olous had one tragic flaw—it was built on a sandy shoreline, rather than the limestone foundation of most other cities on the island.

These days, the remains of Olous are easily accessible to scuba divers and snorkelers in the Poros Bay.

Prince Svyatoslav I of Kiev attacked the enormously wealthy city and left it in ruins—ruins that remained lost for over a millennium.

Because of its position on the Caspian Sea, it was believed that the city’s remains were swept away, but in 2008, a Russian professor named Dmitry Vasilyev discovered the remains of eighth-century ruins along the northern lip of the Caspian Sea.

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Subsequent archaeological investigations showed that the shards were the remains of a Lapita village—possibly one of the largest in the region. Immortalized in dozens of works of fiction, the Peloponnesian War took place in the fifth century B. between the city-state of Athens and various armies of the Peloponnese, who called themselves the Peloponnesian League.

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