Josh flagg and colton thorn dating

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Josh flagg and colton thorn dating

As Flagg and Boyd, who have known one another for some time, embark on a new romance, fans are seeing the early moments of their relationship play out on the show and during tonight's new episode, fans will watching as Boyd is introduced to Flagg's parents at their home in Los Angeles. "I would love to have kids," he explains, immediately prompting Flagg's dad to jokingly offer Boyd one of his own.In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, which was shared on Bravo TV's official website days ago, things appear to get off to a rocky start. Although it is unclear whether or not Flagg will propose during an episode of "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles," the reality star revealed on Instagram in July that he and Boyd became engaged during a trip to Paris, France over the summer.I guess I liked that, though.” Meanwhile, in its fourth season–which is now missing Chad “My leaving the show was not a mutual decision and if you say so my lawyer will come after you” Rogers–the show continues to be a mess, but one I can’t stop watching.The newest cast member, Josh Altman, offers his own version of the awkward acting out set-up scenes by over-enunciating and doing a really great impression of a smarmy real estate agent (or maybe he actually is one).Many people knew, many had no idea.” Josh also differentiates his decision to share his sexual orientation with viewers from Madison’s: “Madison did not beat me to the punch.Madison just decided to come out on national television before I did, but as far as I know, I was out to the people I wanted to be out to well before Madison was.That wasn’t explained on the show–I wouldn’t expect Million Dollar Listing to have a coherent narrative–but he was referring to Colton Thorn, Josh’s long-time boyfriend/partner.Josh’s Facebook profile says he’s been in a relationship with Colton since October 24, 2007, and as this 2009 photo shows, they’re obviously together in public, just not on the show.

As of 2015, Flagg has become the number one volume agent in Los Angeles and the number two agent in sales in California."Josh Flagg is the energizer bunny and always pays attention to smallest details that everyone needs when purchasing a home.His creativity, sense of style, vision and compassion are extraordinary.I have watched his career soar and it couldn’t happen to a more fabulous man."Josh Flagg is one of the world's most successful real estate agents and has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream home in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over Billion of closed real estate transactions.The 31 years old, Joshua Daniel Flagg is a famous American real estate agent, television personality and also an author.He is from an educated family background and is the grandson of former American fashion designer, Edith Flagg.

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Josh Flagg shocked everyone during the "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" season eight premiere when he revealed that he and his former fiance, Colton Thorn, had parted ways after nearly a decade together. It's a lot of fun," Boyd explains as Flagg's mom looks on.