Radioactive dating gcse questions

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Uses in medicine to kill cancer - radiation damages or kills cells, which can cause cancer, but it can also be used to kill cancerous cells inside the body.

Sources of radiation that are put in the body need to have a high count-rate and a short half life so that they are effective, but only stay in the body for a short period of time.

The half-life of a substance can be found by measuring the count-rate of the substance with a Geiger-Muller tube over a period of time.

By plotting a graph of count-rate against time the half-life can be seen on the graph.

If the radiation source is outside of the body it must be able to penetrate to the required depth in the body.

(Alpha radiation can't travel through the skin remember! Uses in industry - one of the main uses for radioactivity in industry is to detect the thickness of materials.

Here are the main uses you will be expected to know about: 1.This is useful for people working with radiation, they wear radiation badges to show them how much radiation they are being exposed to. Dating materials - The older a radioactive substance is the less radiation it will release. The half-life of the radioactive substance can be used to find the age of an object containing that substance. ii) Uranium decays by a series of disintegrations that eventually produces a stable isotope of lead.There are three main examples of this: i) Carbon dating - many natural substances contain two isotopes of Carbon. Types of rock (igneous) contain this type of uranium so can be dated, by comparing the amount of uranium and lead in the rock sample.Alpha particles would not be able to go through metal at all, gamma waves would go straight through regardless of the thickness.Beta particles should be used, as any change in thickness would change the amount of particles that could go through the metal.

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As they decay the atoms change to daughter atoms, until eventually there won't be any of the original atoms left.

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