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I have a tendency to do jack-ass things when I'm in a social or professional situation with a group of people (or even just one person who makes me extremely uncomfortable).I guess the only down-side to this sort of thing is that what is "wrong" socially is going to be different for everybody. If you want the advice or help, you have to feel comfortable asking questions or making comments that seem "rude." For example, a good comment to make about my post is that it sounds manipulative, or that it sounds like I haven't figured things out like I claimed to because of the problem I pointed out in the first bullet point. Humble, the next poster below, saw right through my post.If she decides to never see you again after that, you will convince yourself that she was a b**ch.That is why you should not be alone with somebody until you have your true feelings about yourself under control. When I was alone and had my cry or fit of anger, I had to stop and think for a moment, what am I neglecting right now? That is not my problem and I don't need to do anything about it.If they do and it is not what you want to hear, your sadness may turn into anger. ), you will eventually reveal this ugly side to your friend.Again, this is why a person should not be alone with you. You will make your new friend very uncomfortable, unsafe in fact.Chances were I was neglecting something in order to have my pity party. This last part will be very obvious so if nobody raised an eyebrow to your bad dancing or mentioned any physical attribute, chances are you made a social mistake.

And while I might do okay talking with the occasional person one on one, get me in a group and they start talking to each other and then I end up feeling left out and feeling like like the kid sister or the fugly aunt, I'm not sure which. First, I think I want to say that even though I can feel the almost belly-knotted pain in both, the feelings you both have in social situations is not something that I, generally I'd say an extrovert, couldn't at all relate to.

I'm sure many of those who post here have done, but it just seems like you'd have to have a pretty healthy ego goin' in to even resemble yourself coming out, and there isn't much sadder or more tragic than the loss of self.. Humble, thank you for responding and for your kind words. Unfortunately, the things you know are very difficult to teach a person like me. These were the fundamentals I was taught: "No" means yes.

Be nice and do nice things for people you don't like or who are mean to you.

In particular, in this multicultural society we're living in, acting one way might be considered right for some people while others would look down on it. Me, I have horrible social anxiety which makes me do stupid things like completely ignore people rather than talk to them or inviting them to talk to me.

Occasionally I'll even ignore someone greeting me because I'm just not comfortable enough to say anything back and then I'll think "why did I do that??? Then there's my job; it's geared toward sociable people and I'm just not that way.

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I also work with and go to school with a lot of people around 4 to 8 years younger than me. I will make comments about your post and see how you react. Just read the above posts and had a thought or two.

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