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Supervillain speed dating youtube

In later years, writers have portrayed Two-Face's obsession with chance and fate as the result of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and dissociative identity disorder.

He obsessively makes all important decisions by flipping his former lucky charm, a two-headed coin which was damaged on one side by the acid as well.

After a climactic struggle in the Batcave, Two-Face is betrayed by the Joker, who shoots at Dent and thus causing him to fall into a chasm, presumably to his death.

Batman admits in the aftermath that, even if Two-Face has survived, Harvey is gone forever.

In Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, Arkham's doctors replace Dent's coin with a dice and eventually a tarot deck; but rather than becoming self-reliant, Dent is now unable to make even the smallest of decisions—such as going to the bathroom.

Batman returns the coin, telling Two-Face to use it to decide whether to kill him.

The character has been featured in various media adaptations, such as feature films, television series and video games.For example, Two-Face has been voiced by Richard Moll in DC animated universe, Troy Baker in the Batman: Arkham series, Billy Dee Williams in The Lego Batman Movie, and William Shatner in Batman vs. His live-action portrayals include Billy Dee Williams and Tommy Lee Jones in the Batman film series, Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight, and Nicholas D'Agosto in the television series Gotham.In 2009, Two-Face was ranked #12 on IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time.Once an upstanding Gotham City District Attorney, Harvey Dent was hideously scarred on the left side of his face after a mob boss threw acidic chemicals at him during a court trial.He was subsequently driven insane and adopted the "Two-Face" persona, becoming a criminal obsessed with the number two and duality.

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He is elected about six months before Batman takes his role as a masked vigilante.